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    Emmerdale Spoilers 13-17 December 2010 

    Monday 13 December 2010 

    Chas suspects Carl’s affair might be over.

    Tuesday 14 December 2010

    • Will Chas have second thoughts about punishing Carl?

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    'Marry me Carl' (but Chas has her fingers crossed)

    Soaplife talks to Emmerdale's Lucy Pargeter about Chas proposing, Carl saying yes and Eve's reaction…

    For Chas, revenge is a dish best served with a fake proposal - and a fake pregnancy. Wecouldn’t wait to talk to Lucy, who plays devious Dingle Chas, about her character’s plans to humiliate Carl and take him for every penny’s he got…

    Carl was ‘the one’ for Chas. Does she, despite everything, she still love him?
    "I think she’ll always love him, but she really hates him right now. The revenge thing helps a bit - but not that much."

    How come Chas decides to propose marriage to Carl?
    "It’s Charity’s decision. She’s been pushing Chas to make Carl pay and she encourages Chas to step up the game to another, really serious level. Once she’s married to Carl, she’ll be able to take him for half of everything."

    Is this her master plan?

    "It’s certainly a consideration, but you’ll have to wait and see how things pan out as we head towards Christmas."

    So how does the proposal happen?
    "Chas does the whole down-on-one-knee thing in The Woolpack in front of everyone. Eve’s there and looks suitably gutted when Carl accepts. This give Chas some satisfaction, but it’s such a bittersweet moment for her."

    "Well, she can’t help wishing it was all for real. I mean - there she is surrounded by her friends, family and neighbours who are just delighted for her."

    How difficult is it for her to keep up the act the next morning?
    "She falters a bit, but manages to hold it together. She suggests to Carl that they have a Christmas wedding, but he throws her when he says he wants to wait until spring or summer."

    Well, the wedding is at Christmas so how does Chas change his mind?
    "She consults her revenge guru Charity and, as a result, she announces to Carl that she’s pregnant."

    Carl freaked out when Lexi got pregnant - how does he feel about this?
    "He’s incredibly positive which does Chas’s head in even more. She can’t help wishing she really was pregnant or that she’d had Carl’s baby before. Maybe if she and Carl had had a child and they’d married, Eve would never have happened."

    It’s a wicked plan. Is there anything that would make Chas back out?
    "Maybe if Chas actually got pregnant for real. It could happen!"

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    Chas’s revenge storyline takes a new twist in Emmerdale later this month when she makes the shock decision to propose to Carl.

    Following a series of petty pranks which have targeted Carl and his secret girlfriend Eve, Chas gets serious as she becomes hell-bent on humiliating the love cheat.

    After inviting almost everyone she knows to The Woolpack, Chas waits until the pub has filled up before getting down on one knee and asking Carl to marry her.

    Carl and Eve are both left stunned by the shock development, but what will this mean for them? Will Carl accept the public proposal? And what does scheming Chas have in store for the wedding day as she plots the ultimate revenge?

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    'Emmerdale' star promises Christmas drama

    Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter has revealed that she will be filming scenes for the soap’s Christmas Day episode today.

    Writing on Twitter last night, the actress confessed that she is feeling both nervous and excited about shooting the show’s festive edition, which is expected to feature the climax to her current revenge storyline.

    In recent days, fans have seen Pargeter’s feisty character Chas Dingle plotting to get even after discovering that her partner Carl King (Tom Lister) has been having an affair with village temptress Eve Jenson (Suzanne Shaw).

    Pargeter told her online followers: “Ooooh big day filming tomorrow, Christmas day!! Glad the weather is looking so crap for the village! Sitting in front of my fire trying to take the warmth into my bones, gonna need it tomorrow!!

    "The pressure is getting to me, such a big end to the story - I want to do a good job but having a little wobble and can’t learn my lines. I hope you all enjoy it when you’re tipsy and full of turkey."

    The star insisted that she was unable to reveal any storyline information as the plot of the Christmas episode is currently being kept under wraps.

    She added: “Wow so many responses, fingers crossed you enjoy! I’m gonna thank you for all your support.”

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    Chas spoilers (25th - 29th October 2010

    Wednesday 27th October: • Eve’s unsettled when Chas returns.

    Thursday 28th October: • Sparks fly between Chas and Alicia at the underwear party.

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    Webcam images of the cast filming Emmerdale today. 29th/9th/10

    Lucy Pargeter, Emma Atkins, Jane Cox & Charley Webb

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    King Rat

    We all know that Chas is’nt stupid, and when the penny finally drops about Carl’s sleazy affair with blonde bombshell Eve, she’ll dream up a unexpected revenge to make the couple pay…

    "Carl’s comeuppance is on the cards - but perhaps not in the way people might imagine" chuckles Gavin Blyth. " At one time, Chas might have leaned accross the bar and punched them. However, the likes of Charity might suggest she goes for something more substaintial. But one way or another, he’ll be brought down from his perch"

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    Lucy Pargeter thinks Chas should have stuck with Paddy

    Lucy Pargeter thinks Chas should have stuck with Paddy - PA Wire/Press Association Images

    Chas Dingle may be blissfully unaware of it, but boyfriend Carl King is currently doing the dirty, cheating on her with Eve Jenson.

    Emmerdale fans should have some sympathy for Chas - but if she’d stayed with reliable, good-hearted Paddy Kirk she wouldn’t have any philandering to worry about.

    Actress Lucy Pargeter, who plays Chas, told Inside Soap: “I’ve had a much bigger reaction to this than any other storyline - and Chas has been involved with some big plots.”

    She went on: “The show’s fans all think Chas should never have walked out on Paddy. Granted, he wasn’t the love of her life by any means, but she had a nice little family with him and her son Aaron. Sadly, it’s too late for her to go back.”

    Next week, viewers see Chas grow suspicious of Carl (Tom Lister) after saucy texts are found on his mobile phone.

    But he quickly finds a way to reassure her there is nothing untoward going on.

    The smooth mover may be able to sweet talk his way out of it this time, but how long can he juggle two beautiful women?
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    Screencaps of Chas & Edna’s chat in the episode 13th/9th/2010

    caps by www.twitter.com/danglinghearts

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    Screencaps from the episode  - 10th/9th/2010

    Caps by www.twitter.com/danglinghearts


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