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    Chas’s revenge storyline takes a new twist in Emmerdale later this month when she makes the shock decision to propose to Carl.

    Following a series of petty pranks which have targeted Carl and his secret girlfriend Eve, Chas gets serious as she becomes hell-bent on humiliating the love cheat.

    After inviting almost everyone she knows to The Woolpack, Chas waits until the pub has filled up before getting down on one knee and asking Carl to marry her.

    Carl and Eve are both left stunned by the shock development, but what will this mean for them? Will Carl accept the public proposal? And what does scheming Chas have in store for the wedding day as she plots the ultimate revenge?

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    King Rat

    We all know that Chas is’nt stupid, and when the penny finally drops about Carl’s sleazy affair with blonde bombshell Eve, she’ll dream up a unexpected revenge to make the couple pay…

    "Carl’s comeuppance is on the cards - but perhaps not in the way people might imagine" chuckles Gavin Blyth. " At one time, Chas might have leaned accross the bar and punched them. However, the likes of Charity might suggest she goes for something more substaintial. But one way or another, he’ll be brought down from his perch"

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    Screencaps from the episode  - 10th/9th/2010

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    Eve affair to get ‘juicy’

    Lusty lovers Eve Jenson and Carl King have been having a jolly old time at the moment, with poor Chas Dingle blissfully unaware of what her boyfriend’s up to.

    How long they can get away with it is anyone’s guess, but it sounds as if there are big developments in store.

    Asked how long the fling would continue, Suzanne Shaw, who plays Eve, teased: “Quite a bit. We don’t quite know what’s going to happen around Christmas time but there’s something juicy coming up.”

    Tom, who plays Carl, added: “It’s all going well so far. I’m having a great time and I think it’s going to play out a bit longer. We’ll see whether he gets found out or not.”

    Meanwhile, Lucy Pargeter, who plays Chas, hinted that viewers may see a surprising side to her fiery character if the secret comes out.

    "It’s either going to be the usual Chas thing or we’ll go against the grain and do something not necessarily expected, but who knows, we’ve got a long time to run it yet."

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    Spoilers from the ITV Press Centre: 13th - 17th September 2010

    5707: Monday 13 September 7pm – 7.30pm

    • Eve (Suzanne Shaw) is struggling living under the same roof as Carl (Tom Lister) and Chas (Lucy Pargeter)
    • Declan (Jason Merrells) confronts Natasha (Amanda Donohoe), accusing Nathan (Lyndon Ogbourne) of murder
    • A betrayed Moira (Natalie J Robb) decides its time for tough love


    5708: Tuesday 14 September 7pm – 7.30pm

    • Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) and Jimmy (Nick Miles) have some terrible news for Diane (Elizabeth Estensen)
    • Aaron (Danny Miller) and Jackson (Marc Silcock) take the next step in their relationship
    • Nathan (Lyndon Ogbourner) is fuming when Declan (Jason Merrells) sacks him


    5709: Wednesday 15 September 7pm – 7.30pm

    • Declan (Jason Merrells) makes it clear he’s in charge of the business
    • Leyla’s (Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi) panicked to learn jilted Alicia (Natalie Anderson) is after her blood
    • Diane (Elizabeth Estensen) faces the music


    5710: Thursday 16 September 7pm – 7.30pm

    • Alicia (Natalie Anderson) forces Leyla (Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi) to face her past
    • Aaron (Danny Miller) tells Moira (Natalie J Robb) he’s found Holly (Sophie Powles)
    • Declan (Jason Merrells) rubs salt in Nathan’s (Lyndon Ogbourne) wounds


    5711: Thursday 16 September 8pm – 8.30pm

    • Alicia (Natalie Anderson) ramps up the emotional blackmail on Leyla (Rokhsaneh Ghawam Shahidi)
    • A furious Moira (Natalie J Robb) finds Holly (Sophie Powles) and decides to teach her a lesson
    • Aaron (Danny Miller) is forced to be honest with Pearl (Meg Johnson)


    5712: Friday 17 September 7pm – 7.30pm

    • Moira (Natalie J Robb) hands Holly (Sophie Powles) over to the police
    • Alicia (Natalie Anderson) warns Leyla (Rokhsaneh Ghawam Shahidi) that is anyone learns the truth she’ll never see her again
    • Terry (Billy Hartman) find s a mystery parcel in the back of the cab

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    Spoiler Pics for Mon 6 - Fri 10 Sept

    1) Crikey, this is a bit risky isn’t it?

    2) When Edna throws Eve out, Chas offers her a roof over her head… Oops.

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    Chas and Charity Invite Eve over for a drink, Carl Kisses Eve

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    Emmerdale Spoilers 30th Aug - 3rd Sept 2010

     Monday 30 August 7pm – 7.30pm

    • Carl (Tom Lister) arranges an afternoon of passion with Eve (Suzanne Shaw). Is this the beginning of a sordid affair?
    • Maisie (Alice Coulthard) confesses her fears to Nikhil (Rik Makarem)
    • Nicola’s (Nicola Wheeler) upset to have missed Angelica’s (Rebecca Bakes) first word

    5696: Tuesday 31 August 7pm – 7.30pm
    • Eve (Suzanne Shaw) gets cold feet and refuses to have an affair
    • Tensions grow as Mark’s funeral approaches
    • Marlon (Mark Charnock) hopes this is the real deal with Rhona (Zoe Henry)

    5697: Wednesday 01 September 7pm – 7.30pm

    • Maisie (Alice Coulthard) knows Ryan (James Sutton) is innocent but hides her belief Nathan (Lyndon Ogbourne) is guilty
    • Carl (Tom Lister) tries to lure Eve (Suzanne Shaw) back into his arms
    • Hannah (Grace Cassidy) catches Holly (Sophie Powles) sneaking around the house

    5698: Thursday 02 September 7pm – 7.30pm
    • Maisie’s (Alice Coulthard) stunned Sam (James Hooton) has kept a secret about Mark
    • Marlon (Mark Charnock) decides to ask Rhona (Zoe Henry) a very important question
    • Chas (Lucy Pargeter) unwittingly pushes Carl (Tom Lister) and Eve (Suzanne Shaw) together

    5699: Thursday 03 September 8pm – 8.30pm

    • Cain’s (Jeff Hordley) confession confirms Maisie’s (Alice Coulthard) worst fears
    • Eve (Suzanne Shaw) succumbs to Carl (Tom Lister) and they continue their dangerous liaisons
    • Under pressure, Rhona (Zoe Henry) agrees to move in with Marlon (Mark Charnock)

    5700: Friday 04 September 7pm – 7.30pm

    • Nathan (Lyndon Ogbourne) and Natasha (Amanda Donohoe) fear Maisie (Alice Coulthard) is onto them
    • David (Matthew Wolfenden) is thrown as Leyla (Rokhsaneh) tries to hide where she’s been
    • Marlon (Mark Charnock) is disappointed by Rhona’s (Zoe Henry) lack of enthusiasm about moving her stuff into Tall Trees

    From the ITV Press Centre

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    Chas spoilers for next week (16th - 20th August 2010)

    Tuesday 17th Aug 2010: Hazel introduces herself to Chas - but will the women get on?

    Friday 20th Aug 2010: An oblivious Chas interrupts a charged moment between Carl and Eve.

    Spoilers from Inside Soap magzine.

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    Chas’s revenge!

    Will Carl and Chas be over when she finds out about him cheating with Eve?

    This is the sort of affair you watch in order to see how Carl will get his comeuppance. I’m looking forward to Chas getting her steel back when the truth does come out, and it’s inevitable that it will. It’s a joyous revenge and one you would’nt expect from Chas. It’s not a case of punching him and cutting up his wardrobe.

    Emmerdale boss Gavin Blyth talking to Soaplife on Carl, Eve & Chas.


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